AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator for Better Sleep – Orange – Medium

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The AIRMAX® Nasal Device, from the makers of Mack’s®, is a specially designed nasal device that helps users breathe more freely through their nose. It is:

  • A simple solution for individuals who have sleeping and breathing difficulties
  • Designed to be comfortably placed inside the nasal passages – its patented, aerodynamic “winged” design is clinically proven to help improve airflow by expanding the nasal passages
  • Clinically proven to help reduce snoring and mild sleep apnea, and to relieve nasal congestion
  • An FDA cleared medical device made of hypoallergenic, medical grade material that is soft, flexible and comfortable
  • More effective than Breathe Right® Nasal Strips
  • Available in medium (fits most) and small, and includes carrying case
  • A patented design

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2 reviews for AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator for Better Sleep – Orange – Medium

  1. Rj hetherman

    I can breathe thru nose for first time my whole life thank you for great product!!!

  2. Lamont

    This little device helps me sleep much better because it keeps me from waking up with a dry mouth. I have a deviated septum so the Airmax keeps a passage open in my nose so I do not need to breathe through my mouth. I tried Breathe-rite strips but got tired of having the skin pulled off of my nose when the strip was removed. I highly recommend Airmax.

    • AIRMAX® Communications Team

      Hi Lamont,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s always great to hear from customers with a deviated septum who’s sleep is greatly improved by our AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator. From experience, I know that waking up with dry mouth when you can’t breathe through your nose can be super disruptive to one’s sleep. Thanks for using and recommending AIRMAX®. Sleep well.

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