How to Use



Instructions for Use

Clean the device with water before and after use. When using AIRMAX® for the first time, we recommend the use of a mirror to help you position the nasal dilator. The AIRMAX® nasal dilator is properly positioned when the “legs” widen the nasal entrance and when the “connecting bridge” is touching your nasal septum. Refer to illustration below.

You should use the AIRMAX® nasal dilator each night for at least 2 consecutive weeks, as it may take time for your nose to become accustomed to the shape of the AIRMAX® nasal dilator.

Cleaning Instructions
The AIRMAX® nasal dilator can be cleaned with water and mild soap. Each AIRMAX® nasal dilator should only be used by one person to prevent transfer of diseases like the common cold.

If you have trouble placing the AIRMAX® nasal dilator in your nose because your nose is not symmetrical, you should not use it.

If, after placement of device, you do not notice improvement in breathing, we advise you seek the advice of an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor.

If, after regular use of the AIRMAX® nasal dilator, your nasal passages become irritated, this could be an allergic reaction to the medical grade plastic. Discontinue use and see a physician if condition persists. To date, no allergic reactions have been reported.

AIRMAX® is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Keep out of reach of younger children to prevent choking.