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AIRMAX® is More Effective than Breathe Right®

Nasal Dilator AIRMAX


AIRMAX® vs. Breathe Right® Clinical Study Results

Clinical Study Details

  • The Safronov clinical trial showed a better efficacy of AIRMAX® vs. Breathe Right® in terms of reduction in air resistance in the nose
  • The total resistance was measured on 24 patients and showed a higher efficacy for the AIRMAX®
  • The overall reduction in air resistance (vs. no usage of any nasal dilator) is 3.6 times higher with the AIRMAX®

Clinical Study Source

Non-invasive modality of snoring treatment and OSAS prophylactics (K. Vogt, K. Perksis, Y. Safronov). The effect of the device was tested by 4 phase Rhinomanometry as well by VAS (visual analog scale) in healthy subjects during normal and accelerated breathing.

The AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator works.

A majority of patients tested said they would choose to keep using it.
All patients tested showed major benefit from the AIRMAX® nasal dilator.

Study 1


Effective application of nasal dilators in snoring and mild sleep apnea


University of Latvia Faculty of Medicine Riga, Latvia


The AIRMAX® device reduced snoring loudness and duration in all patients tested.


Study 2


Non-invasive modality of snoring treatment and OSAS prophylactics


MEDEM International Clinic and Hospital St. Petersburg, Russia


The AIRMAX® device can be tried as an effective method against mild forms of sleep disorder.

AIRMAX® represents a powerful device to improve the nasal breathing in patients with nasal obstruction due to external nasal valve problems.


Study 3


Improvement of nasal breathing & patient satisfaction by the endonasal dilator AIRMAX® (June, 2013)


Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery University Hospitals Leuven and Ghent, Belgium


A majority of patients expressed preference to continue use of the device (2/3 of those tested).

All patients with external valve dysfunction showed major benefit from the dilator.