Better sleep…for you and your partner

Deviated septums, constricted nasal passages and nasal congestion can lead to snoring, dry mouth (due to mouth breathing) and an overall miserable night of sleep, not just for you, but also for your partner.  The AIRMAX Nasal Dilator expands nasal passages to allow for increased airflow and better sleep.  Stop the dreaded snoring and dry mouth and get the rest you and your partner deserve, with the AIRMAX Nasal Dilator.  

Rough Night?

If your spouse snores due to nasal constriction, the AIRMAX Nasal Dilator can help.  The AIRMAX fits inside the nose and helps dilate nasal passages to help increase airflow and decrease snoring. Give your snoring spouse AIRMAX and give yourself a good night’s rest.

Wake up refreshed and energized

If you can’t breathe freely through your nose due to congestion, deviations or other physical limitations, your sleep will be compromised.  You won’t experience the deep sleep needed to fully re-energize and wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.  The AIRMAX Nasal Dilator helps open constricted nostrils and improve airflow so you can sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.  

Better sleep means a better you

If you have trouble inhaling and exhaling through your nose while trying to sleep, the quality of your sleep with suffer greatly.  The AIRMAX nasal dilator helps improve nasal airflow and reduce snoring by dilating the nasal passages.  Stop struggling to breathe and enjoy a good night’s rest.  Be at your best, with AIRMAX.  

Breathe and relax with AIRMAX

If you suffer from nasal valve dysfunction and have difficulty breathing through your nose, you know how much others take normal, healthy nasal breathing for granted.  The AIRMAX Nasal Dilator helps expand the narrowest parts of the nasal passages to increase airflow.  Stop suffering.  Achieve better breathing with the AIRMAX Nasal Dilator.

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